Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome to my Web 2.0 job hunt - because NOTHING else is working!!


I have been looking for work for two full months. I have applied (not just faxed or emailed resumes) to at least fifty jobs. Plus the other calls and emails that I have sent to recruiters. I have not received a call back. Not one! Wait, that is not 100% true. I applied for a job at Stiles Construction in Ft. Lauderdale last week for a marketing coordinator position. Little story here, bear with me please. I called to follow up three days after the job was posted. The woman I spoke with in HR told me that she had FOUR HUNDRED applications for the position. Four hundred! WOW! Jeez, these numbers are stacked; and not in my favor!

I sat down this weekend and asked myself how I can stand out from four hundred other people and not just be narrowed down to the first round of interviews, but actually GET A JOB? This is where you come in. You most likely heard about me from Twitter, Linkedin or a friend who forwarded this link to you. To you I say "THANK YOU" for visiting.

Please visit my professional profile at This profile includes twenty two written recommendations from clients, co-workers and previous employers. If for any reason you are unable to view them, please let me know, I will send you a .pdf.

Please see for samples of my work including photography, presentations, web design and 3d modeling.

My you can view my posts and follow me on Twitter at:

Again, thanks for stopping by. I have bills to pay and my banks are getting impatient (can't say I blame them)! So, if you know someone who is looking for an intelligent, articulate and computer savvy employee (in any field really) please contact me as soon as you are able. I hope to hear from someone soon!

A quick post script about "what I want to do". All of the recruiters I spoke with asked what it was that I want to do, the answer to that is: work! I want to work and pay my mortgage. My experience is real estate, but I don't need to be in the real estate industry , it would be nice, but there are more important things. My skill set is easily transferable to any number of industries.


  1. I found your site from Twitter. Keep doing what you are doing, you are on the right track. I wish I could help right now, I'll pass your info on...